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Renevatio is an Nordic VC with an entrepreneurial background. We invest in Nordic companies that have taken the very first steps with their own power and commitment. With expertise and capital, we accelerate the next steps, and the rest of the journey. We are always hungry for fast growth and progress, but never at the expense of a long term sustainable and healthy business.



Our mission is to maximize the growth journey and profitability of every portfolio company.



Unlike the majority of VC’s, we do not have an exit strategy.

Sounds strange, doesn’t it? But that’s a strategy itself.

Our dream scenario is that we are the first to invest in a promising early stage company, that we work with closely until it becomes profitable. With the dividends, we can make new investments in new exciting companies.



We are entrepreneurs ourselves, it’s in our DNA and heart. Together our team has started more than 20 companies from scratch. We have probably committed most of the mistakes out there, recruited the wrong persons, have had too little capital, grown too fast, pushed too hard – well, you name it. But all the mistakes made in our own entrepreneurial journeys have given us a lot of strength, experience and a clear vision when we look at new companies to invest in, and in the work with our current portfolio companies.


OnTee is Europe's leading and fast growing online tee time booking service with more than 1000 golf courses available just a click away. Book now, pay later and always with free cancellation up to 48 hours before tee time.



Golfhäftet is an innovative membership scheme offering golfers half price green fees at more than 950 participating golf courses in 15 European countries including Spain, Portugal, Germany, Scandinavia, Italy, the UK and Ireland.

Finnish web pharmacy apomera.fi is a fast moving challenger in the Finnish pharmaceutical and health market, offering affordable prices, convenient home deliveries and a large product selection.

Sporthyra is offering both short and long term ski rentals. Book your gear online, try it out in the shop and rent for a weekend, week – or even full season. A both wallet- and  climate friendly choice.

Yobber is a recruitech company using video in a unique way to make the recruiting processes go beyond the traditional CV, and save both time and money for companies’ HR departments. With B2B customers such as ICA, British Mini Schools and several companies within the hospitality sector, Yobber has just begun its growth journey.