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Advisory Board


Gustav Källen,

deputy CEO at Svefa

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With the past 12 years in real estate, Gustav has experience from property development and new constructions, larger transactions and also societal development at Svefa. Gustav has in depth knowledge and know how from real estate and a finger on the trend pulse for this industry.


Diana Selguson, Group CMO & Deputy CEO, Renevatio

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With a track record from fast growing companies such as Natural Cycles, Karma and MOHV, and also entrepreneurial multinationals such as Oriflame, Diana knows how to build, optimize and scale marketing departments and build strong brands. Her areas of expertise are marketing & expansion strategies for both new and more mature companies. 


Magnus Jopevi,

CEO & Founder, Renevatio

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Magnus is a serial entrepreneur since the early 2000’s with almost 20 years of experience from startups, scaleups and exits. His expertise lies within sales and building successful organizations.

We are entrepreneurs ourselves, it’s in our DNA and heart. Together our team has started more than 20 companies from scratch.


Henrik Johansson,

Partner Assurance & Head of Office Network at Grant Thornton Sverige AB

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Henrik works with owner-managed companies and contributes with his vast financial knowledge and expertise. 


Mats Gunnå,

Asset manager at Söderberg och Partner.

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Mats has a long career in finance with experience from i.e. HQ Bank and Penser and expertise in macroeconomics.


Andreas Nordberg,

Partner at Wesslau Söderqvist

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Andreas is merited business transactions lawyer with expertise in property rights, company law and company acquisitions.

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