We are entrepreneurs ourselves, it’s in our DNA and heart. Together our team has started more than 20 companies from scratch. We have probably committed most of the mistakes out there, recruited the wrong persons, have had too little capital, grown too fast, pushed too hard – well, you name it. But all the mistakes made in our own entrepreneurial journeys have given us a lot of strength, experience and a clear vision when we look at new companies to invest in, and in the work with our current portfolio companies.


Niklas Eriksson, Group CFO

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With background from a Big4 company, Niklas has acquired broad expertise within the financial field in several industries and companies of different sizes. His team covers everything from book keeping, reporting and controlling to efficiency improvements and business support.


Rebecca Eriksson

CEO Eqwin

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Rebecca is in charge of the Renevatio group's real estate projects. She knows every corner of every building, handles purchasing, negotiations and renovations. A serious approach, with a contagious laugh - and the group's most impressive sports career track record.


Johanna Adlertz

Manager Call Center & Events

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Johanna knows how to build strong teams and is passionate about leadership - and winning. She has successfully scaled service- and call center organizations and sets the bar high with a strong ambition and a killer attitude that never goes unnoticed.


Fredrik Rylander, Performance Marketer

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With experiences from the Dreamhack team and growth strategy agencies, Fredrik is Renevatio’s performance marketing specialist. His mix of analysis and creativity is a winning combination when creating campaigns, concepts and data driven marketing.


Magnus Jopevi, CEO & Founder

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Since the early 2000s Magnus has been a serial entrepreneur with now almost 20 years of experience from startups, scaleups and exits.His expertise lies within sales and building successful organizations.


Diana Selguson,

Group CMO & Deputy CEO

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With a track record from fast growing companies such as Natural Cycles, Karma and MOHV, and also multinationals such as Oriflame, Diana knows how to build, optimize and scale marketing departments and build strong brands. Her areas of expertise are marketing & expansion strategies.


Sandra Nordén 

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Apart from ensuring a flawless bookkeeping and salaries being paid to the portfolio companies’ employees, Sandra has also got some serious (and kind of surprising) crocheting skills.


Susanne Hultberg 

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Answering email quicker than lightning, this book keeping / pay roll / accounting master can master the most, except the so called chair challenge (ask her).

Frida Johansson
Content Creator

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Creative content creator with a background within digital and social media with a wide knowledge within digital consumer behavior.